Easy Steps To Repair Automotive Brakes

Brakes are the most important part of any automobile. The brakes when applied slows down the motion of the car through friction. Most of the modern brake system uses discs. The disc brake system is made up of a rotor with 2 pads on both of its sides. When pressure is applied on the brake pedal, the pads squeezes up the rotor and slows down the vehicle to stop. To reduce the brake fading due to heat, the rotor is made up with cooling fins, which fills up the gap between the 2 braking discs. This allows air to pass around its body and cools the system.

The disc brake system is well protected and is unaffected by water or dirt. This is due to the fact that whatever debris is collected while in motion; the centrifugal action of the spinning rotor throws it off. The pad protects and keeps the rotor clean.


1. Place the rear or front end of the car on jack stand.
2. Remove the lug nuts.
Note: Use a lug wrench to turn the nuts counterclockwise.
3. Remove wheel.
4. Remove all the bolts
Note: Secure brake caliper before removing the bolts.
Make sure to use the appropriate sized socket.

5. Place the suspension spring and cling the caliper.
Note: Use a rope or wire.
This saves the brake hose from the caliper weight.

6. Detach brake pads from caliper
Note: Use a screwdriver.

Take care of rubber boot.
Study the pads to decide how to remove them since there are different types of pads –
some have ridges or clips, some have crimped tabs.
7. Slowly push back the caliper piston
Note: This is for the safety of the piston and does not wedge into caliper bone.

8. Attach new pads to caliper
9. Place caliper and the pad over rotor.
10.Tighten caliper bolts.
Note: Turn clockwise with socket wrench.

11. Replace wheel and fix the lug nuts
Note: Turn clockwise with lug wrench.

12. Remove jack stand from the car.